Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bestiality and homosexuality

At least, in public, homosexual apologists bitterly resent comparisons between homosexuality and bestiality. Today I ran across this discussion of Reddit:

Within the swampier quarters of the site, you will find all sorts of insalubrious offerings. One area features graphic discussions of bestiality. 
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I haven't read the Reddit discussions of bestiality, and I don't intend to. But the immediate point is that this isn't just hypothetical. It's one of current alternative sexual activities. Not a bogeyman that rightwing Christians fabricated to create invidious comparisons with homosexuality. 

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  1. It only shows the lack of ability to reason soundly among homosexual advocates. All of the same reasons to advocate for homosexuality apply to bestiality. The only exception may be the question of the ability of an animal to consent. Given the modern tendency of people to anthropomorphize animals, it's a weak exception. The idea that an animal doesn't consent is just as projected onto the animal by homosexual advocates who reject bestiality as the idea that an animal could consent by proponents of bestiality.