Thursday, June 04, 2015

Man or muppet?

Some allege there's a biological basis for transsexualism due to the "fact" that there's an area of the brain responsible for gender identity which in MF transsexuals appears to display female patterns.

Let's say we can alter the area of a person's brain supposedly responsible for their identity to physically resemble the neuroanatomy of a chicken, and that this would thereby make the person believe they are indeed a chicken. Does this mean the person is really a chicken? What about everything else that's human about the person?


  1. Could a caucasian man have race dysphoria and self-identify as a black man, and receive affirmative action and the backing of the NAACP?

    1. What's funny (or sad) is that they can no longer accuse us of a slippery slope fallacy - because the slope has already been proven to be more slippery than a floor full of greased banana peels.

    2. This is reminiscent of RDJ in Tropic Thunder. :-)