Thursday, May 14, 2015

The pope and the PLO

The Vatican has formally recognized "the State of Palestine." I suppose there's a certain logic in that. A fictitious vicar of Christ makes a treaty with the fictitious state of the fictitious Palestinian people. What it lacks in reality, it makes up for in symmetry. 

A few quick observations:

i) This is additional evidence that the church of Rome has become just another mainline denomination. It is not a moral leader, but a moral follower. It takes its cue from the secular elite.

The church of Rome has had some lingering conservatism on ethical issues. However, under Pope Francis, even that residual conservatism is rapidly eroding.

ii) It's nice to see the Vatican give formal recognition to a jihadist terrorist state. Such moral discernment!

iii) Then we have this statement:

Hanan Ashrawi, PLO executive committee member, welcomed the Vatican's recognition of the state of Palestine.
In a statement, Ashrawi said: "The significance of this recognition goes beyond the political and legal into the symbolic and moral domains and sends a message to all people of conscience that the Palestinian people deserve the right to self-determination, formal recognition, freedom and statehood."

Ashrawi was an instrumental propagandist. She's the daughter of the PLO cofounder. 

When Peter Jennings was Beruit bureau chief, she became his girlfriend. Recruiting him to the "Palestinian" cause proved to be a very strategic dalliance. It's hard not to suspect that she functioned as a honeypot or Mata Hari. Seducing Peter Jennings was a public relations bonanza for the PLO. He went on to become the ABC anchorman, in which position he could influence elite opinion, recasting Muslim terrorists in the role of freedom fighters, victimized by Israel. Having a PLO plant at the helm of a major American news network was quite a coup, facilitating a successful propaganda campaign.

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