Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Vaccines: One of the Greatest Medical Advances

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  1. By the way, as far as some anti-vaxxers questioning the motives of physicians administering vaccines (i.e. in order to make money), the physicians who generally administer vaccines are pediatricians, and vaccines pay precious little in comparison to other medical procedures. It'd probably be a lot less of a headache and certainly more lucrative for most pediatricians to focus on other medical procedures than to have to plough through tons of vaccines each day or whenever they do them.

    Not to mention pediatricians in general are probably the lowest paid of all physicians. There are IT professionals who make more than many and maybe most pediatricians.

    I also think pediatricians have to be pretty patient people since they tend to have to bear with (how shall I put it?) a lot of less than appreciative parents.

    Anyway, point being, I think pediatricians are quite arguably the least likely of all physicians to be in medicine for the money.

    Of course, this isn't to preclude pediatricians who do ulterior motives to make a quick buck off of vaccinations. But I would presume they're the exceptions rather than the rule.