Sunday, March 08, 2015

Atheist hypocrisy


  1. What do you think about using sources like FOX News and Conservapedia to left-leaners? I realize that all sources are going to be biased in some way, but lefty atheists typically regard FOX and Conservapedia as laughably incompetent. What do you think the proper response is? Also, if an atheist quoted from Mother Jones or Rolling Stone, would you dismiss it out of hand?

    1. I didn't link to it to convince atheists. Regardless of the source, atheists will rankle at associating atheism with hypocrisy.

      It also depends on the sources cited by Conservapedia. Are these reliable? It's become reflexive liberal orthodoxy to dismiss Fox News. Leftwingers have created a mythology about Fox News, as if that's dominated by rightwing pundits. But, at best, it's center right. And it's less conservative than it used to be.

    2. Thanks, much appreciated.