Friday, March 06, 2015

A creepy, dishonest hypocrite

Richard Carrier is in hot water with some of his fellow infidels:


  1. Very Bertrand Russell-esque.

  2. Helps to clarify the sin some of those people love more than Jesus.

    1. There's also a certain unintended irony and hypocrisy in the linked article. After all it wasn't all that many years ago when closet homosexual men were castigated in much the same way as the article castigates Carrier when they were "outed" publicly and were shamed for leading a double-life; having a marriage of convenience and appearance on the one hand, while secretly engaging in sodomy on the other, risking giving their spouse STD's, etc.

      Soon it became fashionable, if not required, to celebrate the bravery and authenticity of such men for being true to themselves.

      On secular ethics who's to say that Carrier isn't in the vanguard of leading many repressed, closeted polyamorous men from their dark dens of fear and social isolation into the bright morning of sexual freedom and authenticity? On secular ethics who's to say that Carrier isn't a brave, heroic visionary figure to be celebrated for overturning the sexual status quo and ushering in an era of sexual enlightenment?