Thursday, February 19, 2015

The bitter fruit of fruits

DAN SAVAGE: Population control. There's too many goddamn people on the planet...Sometimes in my darker moments I am anti-choice. I think abortion should be mandatory for about 30 years.

This will be the third time I comment on his statement. Like some B movies, it's so bad that it's good (in a terrible way):

i) Even on his own terms, his position is counterproductive. If there were a 30-year moratorium on having babies, aging sodomites would lose their supply of buff young men to service them. They'd be stuck with other aging sodomites. 

ii) Many people, when they hit middle age, wax nostalgic about their youth. And when they see young people, it triggers wistful memories. 

They may envy the young. But older folks don't normally resent the young for being young. They usually assume a generous attitude: "I had my turn, now it's your turn. Hope you have as much fun as I had at your age."

But not for people like Savage. Here we see how aggravated sin erodes common grace. He duplicates the jaundiced view of the antinatalist: "Unless I'm happy, no one should be happy!"

His best years (such as they were) are behind him, and that makes him begrudge the younger generation. They have what he lost–what he can never reclaim.


  1. Every person has to make a plan for old age. Plans that work would be "serving God" or "having a marriage and family".

    Plans that don't work:

    1. It's amazing that a lifestyle that is so obviously self-destructive is nevertheless so celebrated and endorsed.

      It's hard to imagine the same glowing appreciation would be afforded to Christianity if, as a direct result of its tenets, its adherents were at significantly increased risk of contracting various horrible diseases and as a group had exponentially higher rates of both attempted and successful suicide.

  2. What a strange way to defend the godless life. "I have chosen atheism over christianity and BOY AM I MISERABLE"

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  4. This is very sad. It seems that atheism is destroying Richard Carrier. He is turning into a worked example of how evil company corrupts good upbringing.

    Once he knew that it was absurd to question whether Jesus lived; now he promotes that view. Once he knew that no scholar would waste time on it; now he labours to manufacture "scholarship" of that kind, not to promote knowledge but purely to evade that observation. Once he knew that marriage was forever; now he repeats the stale lies that the Selfish Generation manufactured for its stupidest dupes. Once he could say that you didn't have to be a Christian to be moral; now he demonstrates that atheism and vice too often go together.

    And what about his poor wife? and are there children to consider?

    The connecting thread in all this, intellectually, is selfishness and convenience, nothing more. This is what being an atheist means for so many of those who adopt it; arrogance, wrong-headedness and vice. How short-sighted. He will quickly learn that nobody will want him for "polyamory" once he is fat and fifty.

    It is wrong to jeer. Let us give thanks to God on our knees that we have been protected by grace alone from such mental and moral decay.

    Poor soul. I just wish I could think of some way to help him.