Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Abolitionism and child abandonment

Abolitionists accuses prolifers of "abandoning" babies because legal restrictions on abortion fail to protect many babies. But one problem with that allegation is that it boomerangs on AHA. Consider their stated position:
The pro-life movement argues that we should focus on saving babies. The abolitionist movement argues that we should focus on converting the culture. 
Abolitionist[s] think the fight against abortion will be a long one… 

Converting the culture is a long-term strategy. A long-range goal. 

Combine that with their opposition to legislation that restricts access to abortion, and guess what you have? For the time being they are abandon all the babies who'd be protected by restrictions on abortion in the hopes of abolishing abortion in toto at some indefinite point in the future. 

Keep in mind, too, that all they offer in exchange for the babies they barter in the interests of their distant objective are IOUs printed in the abolitionist mint. They issue promissory notes about their future success. It's all based on a rosy prediction. Wishful thinking.

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  1. Are they theonomists? Do they plan to convert all cultures globally? Do they plan to achieve universal salvation in order to abolish human abortion? Or maybe they just need a percentage, a critical mass, if so, what's the target? What if everyone is converted except for a small ruling class, an oligarchy. That would still block AHA from their goal of abolition. What's the plan? What's the timeline?