Saturday, December 20, 2014

Keeping our promises

America, and you, have lost the moral high ground on this issue. I find it despicable that any person who is required by Jesus to give his life for others--including enemies--as Jesus himself did can even countenance making the sort of arguments you have in the wake of the torture revelations.

I find his comment a bit puzzling. If Inglis thinks that Jesus requires him to give his life for others, then the world is chock-full of opportunities to do what's required of him. What's he waiting for? Reminds me of a dialogue from I Claudius:

Lentulus: (kissing Caligula's hand) Your recovery is a miracle! 

Caligula: But you prayed for it, Lentulus. 

Lentulus: Oh, night and day! But prayers are not always heard. 

Caligula: But yours were special, so I understand. You offered your life to the gods in place of mine. That was extremely noble! 

Lentulus: It's true, I did. 

Caligula: And what are you going to do about it? 

Lentulus: Do about it? What do you mean? 

Caligula: Well, I'm still here, and so are you. But we oughtn't both be here. Should we not give the gods the things we promise them? You're in danger of the crime of perjury, Lentulus. Think about it. But not too long–gods won't wait forever, that I can assure you only too well.

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