Monday, November 24, 2014

Soggy crunch time

Abolitionists call for the immediate and total abolition of abortion (with no exceptions or permissions) and we work for this end daily, seeking to accomplish it as soon as possible. And we know that this could take a long time and likely will not happen overnight. But the fact that we must fight this battle for a long time and seek to save lives on a daily basis should not modify the manner in which we fight for abolition in our overall strategy. 
Abolitionist think the fight against abortion will be a long one and we are prepared to fight on real fronts all along the way but we are not interested in creating battles that forestall the real debate with the pro-abortion side (whether elective abortion is ever permissible).

This suffers from two related problems: On the one hand, Prolifers are also in this fight for the long-haul. Indeed, prolifers have demonstrated their tenacity. Shown their dogged dedication to the cause, in the face of tremendous obstacles. It takes great commitment to stay in the fight year after year. Abolitionists have yet to demonstrate the time-tested same resolve.

On the other hand, how can abolitionists attack prolifers because they've been at this for 40 years when abolitionists allow themselves such an open-ended timeline for success? How can they take consolation in saving however many babies in the meantime when they attack prolifers for doing the very same thing? 

Yes, they say they differ in terms of strategy, but my point is that they don't differ in terms of time allotment. 

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