Saturday, October 25, 2014

“The Inevitable Consequences of an Atheist Worldview”

Over at the Secular outpost, Jeff Lowder took issue with what an ostensible atheist said about “The Inevitable Consequences of an Atheist Worldview”. Jeff's attempted rebuttal is muddleheaded. He fails to distinguish between the logical implications of atheism and what individual atheists happen to believe. He imagines that by citing examples of atheists who take different positions, that somehow disproves the claim. But that, as I say, is confused. 
All that means is that some atheists are inconsistent. They balk at the radical consequences of atheism. They pull their punches. 
Atheism is a proposition. A proposition has objective implications. It affirms something and it denies the contrary or contraries. 
The question at issue isn't what any particular atheist believes, or how he behaves. He may retain some beliefs in spite of his atheism. He may refrain from certain behavior despite his atheism. 
Jeff is a propagandist for atheism, so he always wants to put the best public face on atheism. That's one reason he's so hypersensitive to perceived slights. 

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