Sunday, August 17, 2014

Please help Christians help Christians in northern Iraq

Please consider making a donation to this organization. This web page is operated by my pastor’s brother-in-law. Here’s a little bit about what they are doing, and how they are using the funding to help displaced Christians in Northern Iraq:

Update, Friday Aug 15

“We are mostly working with refugee families staying in homes, schools, churches and parks, - while the UN and local government are helping those in the camps. Today our team visited a school housing 530 people. We handed out 80 kilos of baby milk formula, diapers and clothes for ladies and kids.”

“Our Lord is great. His merciful hand heals sorrow and pain. We thank you for your prayers, generosity and passion.”

August 8, 2014

“Churches in Erbil are working very hard to stand with and support thousands of displaced Christians…” They need our help. We have ways that you can join with them and us in this effort.

Last night the US airstrikes helped, but it remains uncertain if that will be enough to keep ISIS from invading Erbil or other Kurdish cities. All of the main cities are beginning to fill up with refugees: Christian, Yezidi, and Muslim.

Our local partners are working to provide food, water, bedding, shelter, medical care, and kindness. Camps are under construction to provide shelter to families who have been living in the streets, sleeping wherever there is grass or shade.

This morning, one of our local partners reports: “Church buildings (all denominations) and other facilities that have been used as shelters are overcrowded with families. You cannot imagine these families’ poor conditions, food, water, and other basic supplies like mattresses and clothes are desperately needed despite all the efforts from different Governmental and Nongovernmental aid. “We think there will be a food crisis very soon. Please, if there is any possibility of getting any donation to support them with food and water, now is the time for it.”

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  1. There are precious few Christians in Iraq.
    Did you mean the loads of papists, oriental conciliarists, and descendants of ancient heretics?

    1. I think "Iraq" could be reasonably interchanged with any locale on the planet in the question posed above.