Thursday, June 19, 2014

"God doesn't make mistakes"

I was skimming through the comments on Kevin DeYoung's recent post: "Five Questions for Christians Who Believe the Bible Supports Gay Marriage." The hostile comments are utterly inane.  For now I'll just confine myself to one comment: "Since God doesn't make mistakes," homosexuals are just fine as is. 
i) Why would a theist who supports homosexual marriage assume that God doesn't make mistakes? How many theists who support homosexual marriage subscribe to classical theism? 
ii) I daresay just about every theist who supports homosexual marriage also believes in theistic or deistic evolution or deistic. On the face of it, the evolution is an error-ridden process. So many false starts. Natural selection lacks prevision. It blindly experiments with different combinations until one works. Most evolutionary trials are abortive. 
iii) Christian theology has a doctrine of the Fall as well as a doctrine of creation. 
iv) If the claim that "God doesn't make mistakes" is used to justify homosexuality, does that forbid medical intervention in the case of a child with a congenital heart defect? Should we let someone die young due to a surgically correctable heart defect on the grounds that "God doesn't make mistakes"?
Likewise, should we deny local anesthesia to women giving birth? After all, "God doesn't make mistakes." 


  1. You could also do a behavioral version of iv: If someone having an urge to do X implies that action X must be morally ok, on the grounds that God instilled the urge and doesn't make mistakes, then murder and cannibalism are morally ok, since Jeffrey Dahmer has the urge to do them, and God didn't make a mistake when making Jeffrey with those urges.

    It's amazing that such obviously wrong arguments get propagated so widely and for so long. This one has been around for years.

  2. The homosexual lobby and their advocates don't really have any good arguments, so they have to make do with a lot of bluster and government-sanctioned armtwisting.