Thursday, May 01, 2014

Homosexual converts

Recently, a med student and I corresponded on the issue of how the church should counsel homosexual converts to Christianity. He's now edited our correspondence into a post:


  1. Commenting here because Rocking has no comment box,

    Well Done Rocking!

    I find #10 particularly intriguing- about 'matching up lesbian and homosexual converts'. Any case studies?

    1. Hi Ron,

      Steve gets all the credit for any of the good stuff in here, whereas anything that's more problematic is mine! :-)

      Unfortunately, I personally don't know of any case studies on the topic. But I presume there is testimonial evidence from people out there.

      This might be a good question to ask someone from, say, the Restored Hope Network too (where Rob Gagnon and Anne Paulk, among others, serve as board members).

    2. I don't see anything problematic there,Rock. I suspect women will though.

      I see problematic stuff in your post about women. A problematic "lack of sexual desire" in women. According to your stats, a handicap of major proportions.

      Gave me pause to re-consider the Garden Curse that "Your desire SHALL be for your husband!"

      As if this is an imperative from God to, 'Desire your husband whether you desire him or not!'. To, 'Desire him or suffer the consequences!' [of single-motherhood etc.].
      As if this is an inherent weakness in women to 'lose their desire' rather than the better exegesis of having an 'inherent desire to usurp the headship of their husbands'.

      But that is silly consideration, right?