Thursday, April 10, 2014

Attack of the killer tomatoes

Valerie Tarico is a militant atheist who contributed a chapter to a book edited by John Loftus. She used to be a member of Debunking Christianity. She's a contributor to Salon magazine and the Huffingon Post. 

She recently published an attack on Mark Driscoll. Now, Driscoll is such a target-rich environment that a factual expose ought be sufficiently damning. Unfortunately, she didn't bother to do her homework. Ironically, one of Driscoll's leading critics has had to fact-check her error-ridden article:

This illustrates the low standards of village atheists. Even when going after a soft target like Driscoll, with his overabundance of incriminating foibles and scandals, she can't be bothered to do the necessary research. 

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