Thursday, March 27, 2014

Easter Resources

For several years now, I've been putting together a collection of resources for each Easter season. Here are the posts from previous years:


The 2009 post above is foundational to the others, so that's where you should start. You can also try searching this blog for relevant material with Blogger's search engine or Google, for example. And some of our e-books address issues that are related to Easter. See Steve Hays' This Joyful Eastertide and the relevant chapters in The Infidel Delusion and The End Of Infidelity.

We've written a lot more about Easter issues since last year's post. Steve wrote a response to some objections from Jeff Lowder related to the nature of Jesus' resurrection body. I wrote about how Jesus' resurrection fits into a larger network of Christian miracles. And here's something I wrote about how the resurrection accounts in the New Testament agree with each other in some unusual ways. I also wrote a post discussing some potential reasons why the gospels don't discuss Jesus' resurrection appearance to James. Critics of the resurrection often object that Jesus should have appeared to better witnesses, like Tiberius Caesar and Pilate, and a larger number of witnesses. I addressed such objections here. And here's a post in which I link to some resources on Matthew 27:52-53. Steve wrote a response to C. Michael Patton regarding the role of the resurrection in the gospel. I wrote about the multi-faceted nature of the evidence for Jesus' resurrection. In early 2013, news broke about a book published by Giulio Fanti on some scientific research supporting a pre-medieval date for the Shroud of Turin. I wrote about the subject here, and I addressed it again earlier this year. Steve addressed some polling data showing a drop in belief in Jesus' resurrection. I linked to a thread on another blog about the martyrdom of the apostles. I also wrote a post about what ancient non-Christian sources said about the death of the apostles. Here's a post about the failure of naturalistic theories to explain the Shroud of Turin. Steve commented on eternal life and the resurrection in John's gospel. Steve and I wrote some posts on William Lane Craig's view of the historicity of the guards at Jesus' tomb, here and here. Steve responded to a book on the resurrection by Chris Hallquist. I wrote about animals and the afterlife. Steve commented on the relationship between human longevity in the Old Testament and resurrection. Here's a post linking some resources on the death of the apostles. Steve responded to Fred Butler on the relationship between the evidence for Jesus' resurrection and the evidence for modern miracles. Steve also wrote a post about the distinctions between different types of post-death appearances of Jesus and whether Jesus would appear to people in some manner in the post-Biblical era. Steve responded to a hypothetical scenario involving the discovery of strong evidence against Jesus' resurrection. Early this year, somebody asked me how I would respond to arguments against Jesus' resurrection involving a conspiracy among the disciples. Here's a response I wrote, in which I summarize several lines of evidence for the resurrection. Steve wrote about Jesus' comments on resurrection in Matthew 22:31-32. I wrote a series of posts on Craig Keener's commentary on Acts, which addresses issues like the authorship, genre, and historicity of Luke's writings. Steve wrote about how Hebrews 9:27 relates to resurrection and near-death experiences. John Bugay wrote about the history of Easter and some associated traditions as they relate to Roman Catholicism.

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