Sunday, February 16, 2014


This is a follow-up to a previous post.

This is part of an email exchange I've been having with a friend. I said:

I'm not committed to humans coexisting with dinosaurs in the past. I'm simply pointing out that it's not as absurd as critics imagine. What's their objection? That early humans would be no match for T-Rex?

i) To begin with, that would only be a threat to humans if humans and carnivorous dinosaurs occupied the same areas. But if carnivorous dinosaurs were a threat to humans, humans could move out of the area.

i) In addition, we don't know how fast T-Rex could move.

iii) More to the point, many predators are capable of killing humans. So it's striking that humans, which are naturally defenseless, have survived. That's a problem for Darwinians to explain. 

How can East Indians coexist with tigers? How can Eskimos coexist with polar bears? Surely an igloo isn't much protection against a hungry polar bear. 

How could American Indians coexist with cougars, grizzly bears, and wolf packs? I doubt a teepee presents an impenetrable barrier. Is that really so different from T-Rex? 

Darwinians generally subscribe to an out-of-African theory of human origins, but how could African hominids coexist with leopards, lions, hyena packs, cape hunting dog packs, crocodiles, water buffalo, &c? Africa has so many predators (and other animals) which can (and do) kill humans with ease. A grass hut is no protection against them. 

Is a spear any match for a charging lion? It's hard to drop a charging lion with a high-powered rifle. They are master stalkers. They hide in tall grass until they get close to prey, then come bounding out at high speed. There's very little time to respond. And these are often nocturnal predators, so you can't even see them coming. 

Keep in mind, too, that according to evolutionary theory, our primitive ancestors were far less intelligent than we are. They had much smaller brains. So they couldn't necessarily outsmart the predators with superior weaponry. 

Moreover, Ice Age predators were even larger than their modern counterparts. How were hominids any match for cave lions, cave bears, wolf packs, &c? 

In addition, humans don't have the replacement rate of rodents. 

Yet Darwinians think that somehow our simpleminded ancestors managed to survive in a very dangerous world. 

People have this Jurassic Park image of T-Rex pursuing humans, but is that so different than natives surviving in Africa with wooden spears against formidable predators?  

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