Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Redshirt recruits

Oh No. I'm linked in Challies artice today, http://bit.ly/1aOwlBB ! Red Alert! Shields to maximum, #whanpwhanpwhanp

This goes to the heart of the conflict between cessationists and continuationists. Unfortunately, Fred leaves the all-important question unanswered: who plays the redshirts? Is Phil Johnson Spock to JMac's Kirk? Is Fred Butler Bones? Is Dan Phillips cannon fodder? Does Mike Riccardi take one for the team? Does Nathan Busenitz take a spear in the chest save Fred from the savage giants on Taurus II? Are MacArthurite redshirts who die in the line of duty allowed to reappear in later episodes? 

1 comment:

  1. Grudem and Carson as the Borg, or perhaps Q[s] (yes, I know it is mixing series)?
    Mark Driscoll as Harry Mudd?
    Matt Chandler as the Gorn?
    Don Codling as the "Guardian"?
    Oh, they only only deal with the Ferengi of "continuationism," that's right.