Monday, July 08, 2013

Roger Olson's spinning moral compass

I'm going to comment on this post, by Arminian theologian Roger Olson:

What’s all the hubbub about? The Boy Scout organization has not changed its rules excluding gay leaders. Gays are still not permitted to lead troops. 

Roger Olson is such a babe in the woods. The queer lobby often uses a wedge tactic. Forcing the BSA to admit openly homosexual boys is the first step. 

The recent change in policy affects only Scouts and, to the best of my knowledge, applies only to their sexual orientation. The rule against sexual activity is still in place. In other words, all that has changed is that now a Boy Scout can be open about his sexual preference. He still can’t engage in any kind of sexual activity—with fellow males or with females.

That, too, is naive. Now that it's acceptable to be an openly homosexual scout, Scout leaders would be afraid to discipline a boy who hits on other boys. The boy would scream "homophobia!" "Bigotry!" "Discrimination!" "Hate speech!" The Scout leader would expose himself to legal reprisal. 

What will the Southern Baptist Convention be saying if it encourages SBC affiliated churches to phase out their Scout troops? That being homosexual is in itself something bad, sinful, shameful?

As a matter of fact, it is

Probably no pre-teen or teen boy chooses to be homosexual. Very few are going to tell anyone—especially in a social environment as testosterone rich as a Boy Scout troop! Or will the SBC be saying that homosexual boys and young men, should they discover their sexual orientation, keep it hidden—even from their trusted Scout leaders? What if one tells his youth pastor or pastor? Should he then be expelled from Scouting? From the church?

To the contrary, the new policy is about treating homosexuality as a morally acceptable alternative lifestyle. 

I think it's a good idea for closeted homosexual boys to belong to the BSA. It's good for boys who are so inclined to be around normal boys. They need that counterinfluence. They need that heteronormative role-modeling. 

But once homosexuality is treated as hip and chic and morally acceptable, that completely changes the dynamic. Now that's something to flaunt. Be proud of. In your face. 

The pressure is now on straight guys to approve of your "orientation." 

To the best of my knowledge, nobody in Scouting is suggesting that sodomy or any other homosexual practice is okay or to be tolerated among Scouts. So what’s the problem?

Is Olson totally oblivious to the fact that liberal social engineers pursue an incremental strategy? They begin with a softening up exercise. Those who oppose it are accused to being "alarmists." 

Are we talking about a sexual preference or a sexual practice? Many, perhaps most, thinking people recognize a difference and acknowledge that there are many “objectively disordered” tendencies that are not in and of themselves evil or sinful. The sin arises only when they are acted out. That is pretty much the consensus among moderate Christian folks.

Sinful actions act out sinful desires. Unless the underlying desire is sinful, why would the corresponding action be sinful? Does Olson think it's not sinful to nurse murderous hatred towards someone as long as you don't act on your impulses?

Keep in mind that in Rom 1, Paul classifies both homosexual desires and homosexual deeds as sinful. 

I assume SBC leaders know the Boy Scout organization is not condoning sodomy.

Why does he assume the BSA is not condoning sodomy? Why does he think the BSA changed its policy in the first place? The BSA used to exclude homosexuals because homosexuality was deemed to be immoral. Now that sociopolitical pressure has shifted, the BSA has scrambled to get on the bandwagon. 

So why are they so opposed to the new policy which simply makes it possible for a Boy Scout to admit his homosexual orientation without fear of being expelled from his troop? What would they suggest a Baptist church do with a teenage boy who confesses to his pastor or other church leader his budding sexual desires focused on people of the same sex? Excommunicate him? If not, why do they want the Boy Scouts to do that to him if he’s a Scout?

This isn't about confessing one's struggles with sinful impulses. Just the opposite: this is all about "gay pride." There's nothing to confess. Rather, you should celebrate your LBGT identity. And anyone who refuses to validate your perverse lifestyle ought to be shamed, persecuted, and prosecuted. 

Is it just possible the Boy Scouts are simply saying that such Scouts may now talk about their sexual orientation with their Scout leaders, in some cases the only men they trust with such confidences, without fear of expulsion? 

Olson acts like he just fell off the turnip truck. The queer lobby has an agenda: to infiltrate and co-opt social organizations that pose a traditional bulwark against homosexuality. Boys who feel drawn to homosexuality are simply pawns on this political chessboard. 

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