Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Gospel of life

The Gospel of John could be called the Gospel of Life. It has far more references to life than the Synoptic Gospels. Not only does that include direct references to “life” but also “living,” as well as “death”–which, of course, stands in explicit or implicit contrast to life.

In Johannine usage, “life” is shorthand for “eternal life.” This includes the present assurance of immorality, as well as the future resurrection of the body. 

Yet there’s more to it than immortality or physical life. Mere immortality can be a curse. The damned are immortal, and that’s part of their punishment.

But for Christians, eternal life involves participation in the life of God. He shares his life with us. In the process, he shares himself with us. His goodness and beatitude. Everything that overshadows our fallen existence will be banished by the light of his life, shining in our soul and brightening our eternity.

The Gospel of John is good to read or listen to if you are grieving the loss of a Christian friend or relative. The refrain of life eternal which echoes through his Gospel edifies the sorrowing heart.

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