Saturday, June 15, 2013

American Evangelicals and Creation

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  1. Thanks for that Steve,

    An excellent review of Walton's book.

    Walton appears to have widely missed the mark in that book as well- where Walton merely grants God an ordering function to a pre-existing creation.

    This hermeneutic was also presented by Walton in his NIV Application commentary under the title-

    Function, not structure, as the face value [of Genesis]

    Among other things Walton's hermeneutic renders far too many passages meaningless to me.

    It renders Romans 4:17 meaningless to me. As if God only called function to Abraham's faith rather than actually structuring his metaphysical faith (as if I had pre-existing metaphysical faith).

    It really minimizes this gift of faith!

    Again, thanks for the link.