Saturday, May 04, 2013

Sports teams

In the past, the names of sports teams have often been racist, sexist, and homophobic–promoting a culture of violence.

Here’s a list of approved names (and corresponding mascots) for high school hockey, lacrosse, football, and wrestling teams.

The Battling Bambis

The Howling Chihuahuas

The Feisty Fawns

The Gutsy Guppies

The Scrappy Hamsters

The Killer Kittens

The Spunky Puppies

The Terrible Turtles

The Raging Teddy Bears

The Rabid Bunny Rabbits


  1. They've also been very stereo-typical towards certain species.


    The Hug-em'-Wuv-em' Tigers

    ... and so forth.

  2. The Horrific Hedgehogs, The Zamboni Zebras, the Supercilious Spiders...

  3. They are wanting to change the name of the Washington Redskins as well. They suggested Redtales.

    This nation is a role into an absurdity that is so far beyond normal, that normal will become the absurd. Sad.