Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A Devastating Critique Of James Randi

Michael Prescott has a good post on a new book by Will Storr. The book is partly about parapsychology, and it includes interviews of Rupert Sheldrake and James Randi. Here's a quote from Sheldrake, taken from the interview:

“Randi is a liar,” says Sheldrake. “He's a man of very doubtful character indeed – a rude, aggressive, dogmatic Skeptic who knows nothing about science. He's taken seriously by people like Dawkins – they worship him – because they see themselves as engaged in a war against unreason and religion. And if you're in a war, you want to have thugs on your side.”

Read what Prescott goes on to quote regarding Randi's inconsistencies and lies, as well as an exchange Storr had with Randi during an interview. Read the whole thing. There's a lot of valuable material.

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