Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Donald Philip Veitch scolds:

Stop the baloney. The Papists and Greeks actually advocate for this stuff. Get a grip. This nonsense informs 1.2 billion Papists. Y’all are some 400K in NAPARC, a micro-group. Never mind these quibbling neo-whatever-neo-Calvinist-whateverts. Consider the width of the enemy forces without the puerilities.

These [Called to Communion] Anti-Christs actually labour to obscure the Person and work of His Majesty.


  1. Wasn't that scolding over on Darryl Hart's blog? I saw that and it startled me at first then after a bit I now agree it was appropriate.

    1. I saw DGH's response, to the effect that "what if some of the YRRs are doing things that are heading to Rome?", and I wanted to respond, "yeah, that'll make the odds something like 1,200,025,000 - to- 375,000 instead of 1,200,000,000 - to- 400,000".

      But I held my tongue.