Friday, December 07, 2012

Down with pinups!

i) The selective prudery of the politically correct is amusing.

ii) This is a predicable result of a coed military. Instead of concentrating our efforts on producing the most effective combat force, we’ve diverted our attention to vagaries of perceived sexual harassment.

iii) In combating perceived sexism, the policy is ironically sexist. Why draw the line with pinups that “objectify” women? What about pinups that “objectify” men?

Are male soldiers offended, or “made uncomfortable,” by a female soldier who has a male pinup? What about female soldiers who indulge in sexual innuendo?

Or are female soldiers thought to be more delicate than male soldiers, requiring special treatment to protect them from stuff most male soldiers would shrug off in reverse.

And now that Congress, it its infinite wisdom, has repealed Don’t-Ask-Don’t-Tell, what about gay porn?   

1 comment:

  1. Militaries traditionally have traveled with or encouraged the formation of brothels near bases so that soldiers don't get attached to native women in ways that can undermine their loyalty. The US is going through a rein of sexual McCarthyism where traditional norms that allowed the military to function simply aren't compatible with the society anymore, for example most Christians would consider prostitution to be adultery while 100 years ago they likely wouldn't have. The military is drawing their soldiers from communities that are religiously conservative. They are also basing and fighting in muslim countries.

    I don't think there is any argument that America needs an honest discussion about how as a society we want to do with this would be great across the board. Obviously having a situation where we create a huge prostitute market in Iraq using locals that undermines our effectiveness in winning hearts and minds is very bad, but to avoid that we would need military brothels which is something our army hasn't had for a century.

    I think the pinups are a problem but it is just one of hundreds of problems related to sex.