Monday, November 12, 2012

The bubblewrap generation

Julie said...

    Well, I agree with much of what you said, but what I see missing from this entire post and the comments is love. You can tell people all you want. Beat them with the Bible. See how that works for ya. People don't care and a lot of times it's not about being whiny or whatever. Jesus wasn't as harsh as you are being and He oozed love and spoke to the heart of the issue. People don't respond to the law and rules and condemnation. If they did, the Cross wouldn't have existed.

    I had an abortion. I was 21, an addict, already a single Mom. I can give you all of the "reasons," my life was the way it was, starting with the church and bigoted, judgmental people that drove me away from the heart of the father. The bottom-line though? What brought me to Jesus was people that loved me and didn't project the attitude of contempt for the sinner that I read here. You want to save kids from abortion? Be Jesus to a young girl in crisis.

This is the dilemma confronting the GOP. What if you’re not allowed to say what needs to be said? What if a voting block will be offended if you say something they don’t want to hear, even if it’s the right thing to say?

What did David Marshall say that’s so “harsh” and “contemptuous”? Perhaps Julie is responding to this statement:

Stop whining, woman. You're an adult. Think of your child, first. That’s what adulthood means.

Okay, I can understand why Julie would take umbrage at that–not that it was directed at her. But, of course, that’s a purely emotional reaction–and therein lies the problem. The point of duties is that a duty is something you’re supposed to do whether or not you feel like it.

Do women like Julie want to be treated like adults or not? Does a grown woman really want to be treated like a little girl who will burst into tears if you use a certain tone of voice? What are some women saying about themselves if they react that way? Are young women in today’s culture such eggshell creatures that they require lots of bubblewrap lest they shatter into little pieces?

Let’s turn this around. Suppose a teenage boy impregnates a teenager girl. It’s consensual. However, he doesn’t want to raise the kid. He tries to skip out of the relationship.

Suppose his father tells him: “If you’re old enough to father a kid, you’re old enough to raise him. Time to grow up and assume adult responsibilities! Put your kid first!”

Suppose his son responded by saying, “Dad, you weren’t oozing with love when you said that.”

Speaking man-to-man, I wouldn’t respect a teenage boy who was that hypersensitive. If that’s how he reacts, then he needs to toughen up.

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