Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Mormon missionaries

American Board missionary Titus Coan recalled meeting Mormons on the island of Hilo. “’You're a good man,’ said they, ‘and have done what you could; but we have come to teach you the way of God more perfectly, and if you will unite with us and come into this new light, your people will all soon be born again.’” After water baptism by immersion and the laying on of hands in prayer, they would then receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and all the “signs” would follow: exorcism of demons, speaking in tongues, healing the sick, and miracles. When Coan asked if they could speak in tongues, they responded, “Oh, yes, we can at Utah.” Then he queried, “And why not here, where you need the gift more? And why do you ask for a teacher of the native language”?

G. McGee, Miracles, Missions, & American Pentecostalism (Orbos Books 2010), 64.

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