Monday, February 27, 2012

Santorum's Economic Program


  1. RASMUSSEN POLL: Obama Approval at 45%, Lowest in Month -- Falls Behind Romney, Paul...

    Romney 45% Obama 43%...
    Paul 43% Obama 41%
    Obama 45% Santorum 43%
    Obama 49% Gingrich 39%...

    Looks like Paul is plenty electable after all.

  2. Jacob wrote:

    "Looks like Paul is plenty electable after all."

    That's a bad argument that's already been refuted, and I think you took part in some of those previous threads. Electability includes winning the primaries. Paul is doing poorly in that context, as he did in 2008. Another aspect of electability is how well a candidate seems likely to do under upcoming circumstances. For example, Paul hasn't yet received the scrutiny of a frontrunner. Like Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and others, Paul probably would go down significantly in the polls if he were to receive more scrutiny. He has some significant problems, such as the newsletters he was associated with and his comments on September 11. The notion that Paul would hold up well if he became the focus of mainstream media coverage, as well as the focus of criticism by the entire campaigning structure of the Democratic party and its associates, is absurd.