Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shill for al-Qaeda

Jamin Hubner is plugging "an insightful seminary thesis on Christian Zionism." And this may, indeed, give us some insight into Hubner's outlook.

One thing that caught my eye was Appendix F: YouTube Videos on Christian Zionism. Here's a sample:

"Sit Down!" The Power to Silence the Truth about 9/11 Part 1 
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed said the main motive of the 9/11 attack is the U.S. policy towards
"Sit Down!" The Power to Silence the Truth about 9/11 Part 2 
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed said the main motive of the 9/11 attack is the U.S. policy towards

So does Jamin take the position that Christian Zionism is wrong because KSM disapproves of America's pro-Israel policy? Is so, then that would explain why Hubner resents my suggestion that he's a shill for Hamas. A case of mistaken identity. For in that event, Hubner is actually a shill for al-Qaeda.

Perhaps, though, Hubner was alluding to some other insightful aspect of the thesis. The same appendix plugs this video:

If Americans Knew What Israel Is Doing! VIDEO WAS CENSORED!
"It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical
issue, and on our power -- and duty -- to bring a resolution." - 

But is the host organization (If Americans Knew) a reliable outlet? Here's an example of that organization's viewpoint:

Sadly, the left does not have an unblemished record on opposing antisemitism. In 2009, for example, the respected American leftist publication Counterpunch published an article by Alison Weir of the organisation If Americans Knew defending the unsubstantiated and implausible claims made by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet about Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinians in Gaza to harvest their organs.
Weir implied, with no evidence, that Israel is at the centre of international organ smuggling. She then explicitly argued that the medieval "blood libel" – that Jews kill Christian children – has a basis in fact. Elsewhere, more than 3 million people have watched on YouTube the antisemitic film Zeitgeist: the Movie, despite its recycling of paranoia about a Jewish plot for world domination.

If Americans Knew (IAK) spreads disinformation about the Palestinian jihad against Israel and Israel’s efforts to defend itself.

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