Saturday, December 03, 2011

House of Stairs

File:House Of Stairs (Escher).jpg

I’m gratified to see that Roger Olson espouses unmediated revelations from God. In fact, during my weekly audience with the Archangel Metatron, we were discussing the fate that awaits Roger Olson when he kicks the bucket.

According to Metatron, Roger will be consigned to spend eternity wandering inside M. C. Escher’s House of Stairs. It was custom-built just for Roger. This goes the principle of alternate possibilities one better because it realizes the principle of simultaneous impossibilities.

And I know this unmediated revelation from God to be veridical, for it passes all five of my criteria for the Reformed evil genius:

1) The Monster Touchstone

2) The Horrible Decretal Norm

3) The Dantean Poetic Justice Criterion

4) The Meinongian Check

5) The Cartesian Test

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