Friday, November 25, 2011

For Those Recovering From Calvinism

Arminians pride themselves on how civil they are, in contrast to those mean old Calvinists, with their mean old God.

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Want to Challenge Calvinists? - Some of the books are not purely Arminian, but they provide strong challenges to Calvinists.

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For Those Recovering From Calvinism
A Listmania! list by ArmyMan "jwagner4" (California, USA) Share with friends
The list author says: "Calvinism is an obsession that is not easy to leave behind. There are many excellent works out, with more being published all the time, to challenge this false system. All of these are highly recommended."

I see. So leaving Calvinism is like heroin withdrawal. Yes, that’s such a charitable comparison.


  1. This looks like the same nut who I see commenting on every book relating to Calvinism.

  2. In Calvinism, God predestines only some to salvation and the rest to an eternal Hell. In Arminianism, God saves only some and "lets" the others suffer an eternal Hell. In Unitarianism, God doesn't punish anyone and lets amoral monsters into Heaven, thereby showing His complete disinterest in justice and tolerance for evil. Or, if you belong to Westboro Baptist, God condemns pretty much everyone to Hell, thereby showing His lack of mercy and compassion to humanity.

    Quite a dilemma we have here ...

  3. Here's a testimony of a card carrying member of "CALVINIST ANONYMOUS" (heh heh)

    Direct Link as above