Monday, October 17, 2011

The Gospel Coalition

The Gospel Coalition has come under increasing fire lately. The two notable cases I’m aware of are the Elephant Room affair and the Mahaney affair.

We need to keep this in perspective. Like any large, diverse Christian group, TGC is comprised of flawed individuals, some more so than others. Some with greater wisdom than others. Clearly there are many fine contributors to TGC.

This is less a question of prevention than how an organization handles the inevitable crises as they arise. For it’s hard to anticipate who is going to say or do what. Vetting usually takes place after the fact. 


  1. What is "the Mahaney affair"?

  2. Ah, thank you sir. Reading now...

  3. Also--"the Elephant Room affair"... Do you mean the drama about MacDonald inviting Jakes to Round 2? Or was there more criticism against the first one than I caught wind of? I'm just curious.

  4. Excellent word. May the Church keep this front and center in her heart. And yet always endeavor to be set apart as Christ is set apart.

    I see the TGC as a grand encouragement for us all, and Satan likes to destroy these things. Yet, the work that has been done already is very edifying, and more shall come. I think of David as God's shepherd and king. He wrote some pretty good songs and truth. But he had to fall in order to write on of his best songs, Psalm 51.