Saturday, September 17, 2011

James Randi's Companion Accused Of Identity Theft

See here and here for a couple of stories about the alleged identity theft committed by a man Randi has been living with for two decades. Randi's level of involvement in the case is unknown at this point. We'll see how the story develops from here. It may reflect poor judgment on Randi's part, if not something worse. It should be noted that Randi's companion didn't just have a personal relationship with him. He also assisted Randi in some of his debunking work. D.J. Grothe, the president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, commented:

We at the James Randi Educational Foundation are shocked by the sudden arrest of James Randi's beloved longtime partner, Jose Alvarez. Many of us have known Jose for years, both as a friend and as an ally to our cause who has traveled around the world to promote skepticism and critical thinking. Our thoughts are with Jose and Randi in this difficult time, and we hope they will be quickly reunited. (source)

We've written about some other problems with Randi elsewhere, like on pages 142-143 of The Infidel Delusion and here.

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  1. I though Randi was above being bamboozled by such things?