Monday, August 08, 2011

Cosmic saviors

Watching liberal reaction to Obama’s political self-destruction is like one of those SF movies in which an alien Redeemer comes to earth, promising to save us from our hapless selves. This is our last chance.

But we blind, thankless humanoids mistreat the alien Redeemer. We fail him. We fail to vest in him our unconditional faith and submission.

So the alien Redeemer climbs back into his flying saucer and returns to Alpha Centuri, leaving us to our hideous fate.

There follows the usual recriminations. How could we be so blind and thankless? How could we fumble our last chance at cosmic redemption? Now the alien Redeemer is gone…gone…gone!

He was too good for us. Too noble. Too pure. Too enlightened. Too advanced.

We let him down, and now it’s too late to make amends. We proved ourselves unworthy to the superior alien race.

Liberals constantly mock Christianity, yet they create a mock religion of their own, with mock Redeemers, mock sinners, mock heretics, mock apostates. 

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