Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Going On With These Link Posts

I've recently been putting together more collections of links to Triablogue posts on particular topics. And I plan to post more of them in the coming days, as I have time for it. But keep in mind that I'm being highly selective in the topics I cover, and all of these collections are being put together from my perspective. Other members of the Triablogue staff might include different links or focus on different topics if they were to write the same type of post. For example, we've written many posts on creation and evolution over the years. Peter Pike, Steve Hays, and Patrick Chan in particular have written a lot about the subject. I occasionally read books and articles on those issues, and I sometimes write about them, but not nearly as much as some of the others on the Triablogue staff. It would make more sense for somebody else to put together a collection of links on creation/evolution issues. I'm not planning to do it. Similarly, Paul Manata knows far more than I do about philosophical issues and abortion, for example. Gene Bridges knows more than I do about a lot of subjects related to church history. Dustin Segers, Evan May, James Anderson, and others who have written for Triablogue could put together a better collection of links than I could on some topics. If they have the time and desire, they can post some link collections like the ones I've done. It's up to them. If they do it, I'll include their posts with mine in the topical index I'll eventually be creating. But I want to be sure that people realize that it's not my intention to cover every topic with these posts I've been putting together. All that I'm doing is expanding upon what I did in earlier years when I put together link posts on subjects like Jesus' resurrection and the infancy narratives. I'm expanding the topics I'm addressing, but these posts are still limited to my areas of knowledge, my time constraints, etc.


  1. I appreciate the link posts. They have been helpful and I've bookmarked several.


  2. I have really enjoyed your work throughout the years and appreciate that your making them easier to find. Thank you Jason!!