Thursday, November 04, 2010

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

What Are Spiritual Gifts? by Vern Poythress (PDF).


  1. In the post before this one, Steve said, "Craig Keener has a forthcoming monograph on contemporary miracles."

    Speaking of Keener, here's his conversion testimony

  2. I can't get to that site from work.

    This is different from his earlier work on spiritual gifts? Does he respond to the series of responses to his "analogous" idea that starts here?

  3. Doesn't seem much different from his earlier work:

    "Post-apostolic gifts are all fallible. They are all dependent on Scripture and do not add to the biblical canon. They are thus analogous to but not identical with apostolic gifts (level 2) and messianic gifts (level 1)." (it's accompanied by a nifty pyramid-looking diagram)

    I can email you a copy of the 39-page PDF if you need it, Dan. That would be analogous to, but not identical with sending you a printed copy via the USPS.

  4. I find life itself a spiritual gift.

    I could be wrong. Some times I see things too simply.

  5. Westfall - well, if he's impenitent in this edition, I'll say that I read the first, offered (at least the analogy of) a devastating critique, and will declare that it applies equally to its analogous sequel.

    So there.

  6. DJP,

    Or you could create a follow up critique for the second edition that's identically devastating as the first, which thing would be analagous to your original.

    Ponder it.

    In Him,