Friday, November 26, 2010

Sarfati contra Dawkins

Some readers may be interested in these videos featuring Dr. Jonathan Sarfati talking a bit about his book The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution (among other things). FWIW, if anything, I think the interview starts off a bit slowly but picks up in the second half.

HT: Dusman.


  1. in a Facebook public conversation with a friend of mine, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati seemed to be a devout Clarkian. he defended clark while rejecting Van Til. if he was a Clarkian, Did the good doctor change his postion? if not, how does clark's anti-empirical views relate to refuting evolution using science?

  2. Maybe because Sarfati actually knew what Clark taught about science, unlike Van Til who misrepresents his position.

  3. There is Clark's understanding of science (basically operationalism, as I recall)and then there is Clark's views on empiricism.

    Clark believed you can't get knowledge from sensation. At the very best empirical data can be used as a reductio against contra-biblical empirical claims.

    I suppose Sarfati could be using science in this sense, without ever giving what he is doing the hallowed title 'knowledge'.

  4. Refuting the evolutionist with his own weapons.