Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Laborers are Few . . .

Note: The following is an e-mail from my missionary friend, Trevor Johnson who, along with his family, is currently serving the Lord in Indonesia. Notice carefully that he's saying that the fields are white unto harvest, but the laborers are few . . .

Pray that Lord of the harvest will raise up laborers for the harvest!

Please use me as a missionary resource. I know of many open doors and
opportunities that I cannot exploit because there is simply not the workers to run through the open doors.

I am right now at a meeting with World Team Asia focused on mobilization and training new workers for the field. The situation in America came up. Many Americans my age are in delayed adolesence, have a sense of entitlement, lack perseverance, lack biblical literacy, and are eyeball deep in debt, i.e., unfit for missionary service.

Many youth in our grace churches are solidly biblically fed and are just good solid youth.

My desire is that we intentionally engage and mobilize these young men and women!

This is not only my open invitation but also my plea for you pastors to approach these most promising youth and challenge them to consider missions. Please take the initiative and ask some to pray and seriously consider missions.

If you want practical info on logistics or training for the field, please give them my email: oct31st1517@.... I am willing to correspond with anyone who is interested.

It is my pleasure to reflect that God not only saved me, not only called me into missions, but also allows me to bless others who may also be called into missions. Please bless me by connecting me and linking me up with those desiring info on missionary work.

Use me as a resource person.


We need pastors, bible teachers, school teachers, literacy workers, nurses,
development workers, english teachers. Single women are also useful in engaging tribal and muslim women, two groups often closed off to men. There are enough potential scenerios that we can find a fit for God-called servants.

Thank you for your time.

Trevor Johnson
I pray God will give people a burden to go help this brother!


  1. That's an invitation that should really say something to each and every heart of each and ecery child of God.
    Not that we are going to go. But, we should all want to go, if we have not been very active in proclaiming the gospel to others where we are now.

    Just thinking out loud.

  2. Could you let me know what Mission Board he is with?

    A good friend of mine would like to know, who works for ACMC.

  3. Hi Don,

    Great question. I know he is supported by many individual churches of the Sovereign Grace Baptist variety. You can e-mail him and get specifics at oct31st1517@hotmail.com

    It may take him time to respond to an e-mail since he's literally "in the bush". :-)

  4. Missions opportunities and strategies have changed since the days of people like Hudson Taylor and William Carey, but the field is still wide open. We need prayers, donors and goers all. The exciting thing is to see the real news out there that will never be reported by CNN or FOX. God is working in extraordinary ways and we get to be part of it.

  5. I was able to contact Trevor, and he shot me this e-mail, that he asked me to post with the comments.

    ""Hello, I am sent by my home church Bible Baptist of Maplewood, Saint Louis (www.oldgospel.com) through the help of World Team Mission (www.worldteam.org and www.worldteampapua.org) - a very solid group.

    My family blog is: www.tandtfamily.blogspot.com and my missions-related blog is: www.sovereigngracemissiology.blogspot.com.

    Email me for more info.

    There are many opportunities to serve."

    Trevor and Teresa Johnson,

    --- along with Noah "The Peanut Johnson", who is now 5 years old and still loves bugs, turtles and lizards and Alethea, 2, who is no longer "The Turkey", but now has graduated to the nickname "Little Sweety Pie".

    BLOG: www.tandtfamily.blogspot.com

    So there you have it, and maybe you could make a new post of this fine brother and include all this Dusman.
    Maybe it will help. I don't know. I'm not much good at these kinds of things.

    Have a blessed day in our Lord's grace and love!