Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inviting Jesus into your heart

Dan Wallace on Rev 3:20.


  1. I had an experience over the weekend that stirred up this topic in my own heart - wrote about it (below). Dan's post, which you reference, is an excellent look at Rev. 3:20.


  2. I remember well a youth event of several years ago at which I participated as a leader. Sitting with a group of kids in the counselling room, I was moved to ask how many of them had done this before. Inviting Jesus into your heart.

    The average amongst the kids was 3-4 times with this event as another time that they were inviting Jesus into their hearts.

  3. GREV - It's no wonder, given the fact the people are constantly asked to "invite Jesus in" that He always seems to be leaving out the back door. Therefore, people feel like they need to saved again. And again. And again. It makes salvation weak and cheap, and I think it lends credence to those who believe that salvation can be lost and then obtained over and over, simply because it appears that's what's happening. Ugh.