Friday, July 02, 2010

Odd man out

We’ve all heard the story, repeated with many variations, of the working class dad who holds down two or three jobs to put his son through college. Then, when his boy makes it into the Ivy Leagues, his white-collar son is embarrassed to be in the company of his blue-collar dad. The son may come home during school break, but he doesn’t like it when the old man shows up unannounced at the door of his dorm room.

Here the son successfully palmed himself off as “somebody,” only to have to introduce his old man, with his calloused mitts and uncouth speech, to his preppie roommates or girlfriend from Exeter.

I can’t help noticing that some of the upscale Catholic blogs don’t seem to list him on their blogroll. Blogs like Canterbury Tales, Called to Communion, Principium Unitatis, Return to Rome, and Alexander Pruss’s Blog.

Here dear old Dave has been working the Hoot Owl shift in the coalmines all these years with his pioneering “Apostolate,” only to have the upcoming generation of younger, classier bloggers show him the service entrance when he impertinently turns up at the grand entrance.

Poor old Dave. He’s tried so hard to run a respectable establishment, but he never made the cut.


  1. I'm sure it's just an oversight. Everyone knows that these famous and academic Catholic blogs you listed are only motivated by the purest of intentions.

  2. Taylor Marshall, one of the five folks listed as supposedly being "embarrassed" by association with me, sent in a personal letter today, the following blurb, for use on my blog:

    "Dave Armstrong's book A Biblical Defense of Catholicism was one of the first Catholic apologetics books that I read when I was exploring Catholicism. Ever since then, I have continued to appreciate how he articulates the Catholic Faith through his blog and books. I still visit his site when I need a great quote or clarification regarding anything ranging from sacraments to sedevacantists. Dave is one of the best cyber-apologists out there."

    Taylor Reed Marshall
    Doctoral Student in Philosophy
    University of Dallas

    I have provided a very thorough rebuttal to this complete nonsense (and will be watching to see if you delete this, and will note that, for the sake of my readers, in the event that it does occur, so that your intellectual cowardice can be demonstrated yet again):

  3. . . . deletion being your standard policy, as of late, in cases where I reply: