Monday, July 26, 2010

Life in the Hamptons

Apostate Ken Pulliam is terribly anxious these days that some of his cohorts have lowered themselves by the company they keep. As he recently put it, “I think somehow we demean ourselves when we respond to such amateurish reviews as those on Tribalogue.”

This inevitably raises the question of what it would take, from naturalistic evolutionary standpointpoint, for an atheist to demean himself. As Richard Dawkins once put it, “For the first half of geological time our ancestors were bacteria. Most creatures still are bacteria, and each one of our trillions of cells is a colony of bacteria.”

So Pulliam’s concern resembles the anguished reaction of an ambitious mom whose daughter falls in love with the cowboy. How exactly does a bacterium demean itself? I’m sure you know how that conversation goes:

“Jennifer! How could you! How could you fall for that redneck bacterium? Your father and I didn’t raise you to be po’ white trash. That’s why we moved to the Hampton’s. Where we could work for (or should I say, work inside?) the crème de la phlegm. We have standards, you know. We only infect the haut monde. And we only associate with respectable bacteria–like the Salmonellas and the Gonorrhoeas. That’s why we sent you to Germ Mawr. Why can’t you date a promising law student, like Tony E. Coli?”


  1. Ken really does present himself as a prima donna.

    It's really interesting to the distinguished Dr. Pulliam get his tutu in a bunch any time his and his running buddies' statements are evaluated by the vaunted laws of logic and reason he so often claims to worship.

    Your (collective) comprehensive posts and reposted comments provide a nice white background against which their hypocrisy and disingenuity can be contrasted.

    I know this makes me look like a fanboy but seriously, the content here is like stumbling across a jug of nice cool water in the middle of the desert. I've been confronted with milder versions of these clowns at various universities for the last 15 years and I've only just now found anyone who has the skill and takes the time to apply it toward pulling how their matchstick strongholds.

    I frankly don't have the skill, the time or the patience to do the kind of work you guys do here... But I'm glad that you do! :D

  2. Yes. You do come across as a fan boy.

  3. Kind of like the majority of these guys right Chuck?

  4. I think DOCTOR Pulliam, who is contributing to John's NEXT book, the one which he says will destroy Christianity "by the end of this century", is DEMEANING HIMSELF by associating with Mr. Loftus, a man who DROPPED OUT of a Ph.D. program.

    What IS atheism coming to?

    My oh my.

  5. Don't be too hard on Chuck.

    On his blogger profile, he states "I am often confused".