Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Prepositional Orthodoxy

According to Perry Robinson, the distinction between orthodoxy and heresy is reducible to prepositions:

In Christology, in following Calvin, they take the person of Christ (the persona mediatoris) to be *out of* the two natures of Christ (Calvin, Inst 2.14.5) such that the *person* of Christ is both human and divine (WCF 8.2) This contradicts Chalcedon in which the person is the divine person of the Logos and not a human and divine person since the person is not out of, but rather IN the two natures. This is evidenced and claimed as being superior to Chalcedon by Reformed authors like Richard Muller and Bruce McCormack.


If you use the wrong spatial preposition, that makes you a damnable heretic. The sheep use "in" while the goats use "out" of. (I shudder to ask whether "from" is better or worse than "out of.")

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  1. You do understand that, since Christ's Person pre-existed the Incarnation, it couldn't have been the product of the Incarnation, right?