Sunday, April 18, 2010


I happen to live in the state with the best geographical features in the United States, and if you disagree with me then you’re probably an anti-social murdering psychopath who eats small kittens for breakfast. Living near Pikes Peak, I get to look at this massive chunk of rock every day and know that it was named after my ancestor. Oh, I cannot prove that I am related to Zebulon Pike with a genealogy; but the evidence is indisputable.

We’re talking about a man who tried to climb the mountain in November. When there was six feet of snow. And somehow he couldn’t make it to the summit. If it were just that, then we would not be sure that Zeb is related to me, but what he did next seals the deal.

For Zeb, you see, didn’t take into account the snow and the time of year when he declared: “That mountain will never be climbed!”

Just how difficult of a climb is Pikes Peak? Well, today there’s a road that goes all the way to the summit. That’s right, it’s so steep you can drive all the way to the top. In a Prius.

That’s some technical climbing for you.

Yet despite all that, it is still a beautiful chunk of rock. And my mom has taken some excellent pictures of that mountain, as well as several others from around Colorado. I’ve put together another video for those who would like to see some more of the beauty that is God’s creation.

And if you don’t want to see it, well I guess that means that in addition to eating small kittens for breakfast, you also eat puppies for lunch.

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  1. Beautiful sights (and sites) and sounds! Thanks, Peter. :-)