Thursday, October 15, 2009

Interview with Michael Behe

Transcript of McWhorter-Behe Blogginheads Discussion.

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  1. Facsinating interview. It seems clear that McWhorter has a real cognitive dilemna. He doesn't believe in God and doesn't really want to, yet he cannot escape the force of Behe's argument. I think he is holding out hope that some deeper 'naturalistic' explanation will explain of all this design where darwinianism has failed.

    On the other hand, considering all the flapping mouths from the Darwinians that have been particularly directed at Behe, he seems remarkably unflappable, calm and quite confident of his own research. I couldn't imagine a more honest sense of objectivity and a "I'll go where the evidence leads" mentality in a scientist then what I see in behe.