Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Arminian authorship of sin

“I plan to post more on this subject in the near future as it is becoming increasingly popular for Calvinists to argue that the Arminian position falls to its own objection in claiming that Calvinism makes God the author of sin.”

Case in point:

“Adopting Byrne’s language (HG 203), we may say that in standard libertarian theodicy, God knowingly created and sustained the person of Adolf Hitler, infallibly knowing that Auschwitz would follow, while retaining the power to cut short this devilish regime at any time. On this view, God has from all eternity been planning and purposing states of affairs with the infallible knowledge that horrendous evils will result from certain exercises of human free agency, and chooses to do nothing about it. There are of course important differences between libertarian and compatibilist theodicies. But is there much of a moral difference?”

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