Thursday, May 07, 2009

Arminian adversus Arminian

God isn't mumbling crazy impossibilities, heresy, or idle threats into the air to keep us secure. His warnings are true and their consequences are real, for His word is truth (John 17:17). One need only look at the admonitions in scripture to see what the apostles taught concerning security in Christ.

Between we have all manor of views, so I will just share my own. Perseverance is necessary for salvation. God preserves His people through middle knowledge, such that we can, but will not fall away. God, knowing how we will choose in various circumstances, puts us only in those circumstances that keep us in the faith. Breaking the Law of Moses could never causes us to loose our salvation, but unbelief could. But God keeps us from unbelief.


  1. Interesting... I've actually thought about articulating Perseverance/Preservation of the Saints in a way similar to the second quote. Except without the reference to middle knowledge.

    God is still in process of transforming us. And by nature, we are still capable of falling away. In that sense, we can fall away. But his preservation consists of guaranteeing that it won't happen--so in that sense, it "can't" happen.

    And that makes sense with a Calvinistic view of grace, but with middle knowledge, it seems rather inconsistent. If middle knowledge doesn't let him guarantee universal repentance, how can it let him guarantee universal perseverance of those who once repented?

  2. Dear Jugulum,

    For a Calvinist (determinist) account of this way of articulating perserverance, I suggest Francis Turretin (the historic fellow, not turretinfan).

    God be with you,