Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cunningham on Catholicism

The first few chapters contain a top-notch critique of traditional Catholicism, including a long, devastating review of Newman's theory of development.

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  1. Thanks Evan,

    Yer way wise beyond yer years kid.

    I couldn't help thinking of someone else when I read that, " Most men would probably have had a higher opinion of the integrity of Mr Newman and his friends, if they had left the Church of England somewhat sooner than they did" and "Mr Newman and his friends have not been driven from the Church of England, as they ought to have been."
    Another comment that applies is, "Mr Newman has an ingenious and subtle, but not very logical mind, and has taken no pains to explain the conditions and precise results of his argument, or to point out the exact way in which he stands related to, and bear upon, the general argument between Protestants and Romanists".
    I suspect Mr Nicole would concur.

    Thanks again Evan,