Thursday, February 05, 2009

Dwat dat wascally wabbit!


Steve, you never told me that Triablogue was making money hand over fist. I've been commenting here under false pretenses. Fortunately, Loftus found out your nasty little secret, and now that the cat's out of the bag, I expect a cut for my comments—back-dated with interest. They're all high quality stuff. You can't keep everything for yourself buddy. That ain't cricket. (Incidentally, what's your secret? I don't make a damn cent off all my hard work, and I want a piece of that action!)

I saved up twillions of dollars in my Swiss bank account so dat I could wetire to Wio de Janeiwo wid my mistwess Kiwi Te Kanawa and our sewen wonderful wuv childwen. Eating kiwi fwuit and watching Da
Wegend of da Twue Seeker
under da pineapple twees.

Den along comes da New Zeawand wabbit, wooking so innocent wid his fwuffy gway tail and wittle pink eyes. Oh, dat wicked New Zeawand twickster, wid his wevil hare-bwained schemes!

Along he comes and bwows da wid wight off my cover! Dat New Zeawand mawifactor wuins all my pwans!

I’m gonna thwack you and bwast you to smitheweens wid my jumbo wabbit-whacker, you cwazy, scwewy wabbit!

Kill da wabbit! Kill da wacky wabbit!! Kill da wacky, wascally wabbit!!!

Good widence to da wicked, wevil, wascally waaaaaaaaaabbit!

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