Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Homosexual parenting

The American College of Pediatricians on homosexual parenting.


  1. Well, you guys must be pretty intolerant and behind the times.

    You really need to move beyond homosexuality and on to more important issues like ethics. What happened to good old fashion honesty?:

    Here in Portland, where the Sodomites run wild, the local major newspapers are making a big stink because our (gay) mayor told a lie and now has to "apologize." Forget the fact he as a mayor is publicly advocating homosexuality, especially among kids, no, the REAL story is that he was not honest with the people. Forget the fact his "relationship" was with a child, forget that his lifestyle is extremely scandalous and sinful, forget all that and focus on the "lie" he told.

  2. Ah, Nick, it is you who is behind the times.


    Therefore, he didn't do nuthin.

    There is no ethics to see here. He said, "Do over" so we go, "Mkay!"

    BTW, it's always fun when you read articles or watch videos about that Sam Adams story and play the "Guess Which Party!" game.

    Cuz if it's a Republican, the headline is: "Republican politician in sex scandal" followed with "Republican mayor had Republican gay Republican sex with Republican interns" etc., while if it was a Democrat you see: "*mumble mutter* apologizes for *mumble mutter*"

  3. Peter, I'm terribly embarrassed. If he said sorry for lying then what business do I have judging his lifestyle?

    Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what they've done, and if I cannot accept that then I must be full of hate and intolerance.

    And speaking of gay Republicans, they are not too happy about the Mayor's dishonesty either.

    What really hurts me is that this gay Republican doesn't know how to forgive and offer the mayor a second chance. What kind of a lesson is that teaching our children?

  4. Mea Culpa. The article was not about a gay Republican, but publication! That's what homophobia can do to you!