Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Road to Hell

Hell is situated five miles west of Pinckney via Patterson Lake Road. The community is served by the Pinckney post office with ZIP Code 48169. The unofficial population is 266.,_Michigan

The real Hell — located 60 miles west of Detroit — has a population of about 250 and no elected government.

“My only concern is that people will think Hell is an evil place,” he said.


  1. There's also a Hell, Norway, but the word in Norwegian means "good luck."

  2. Hell doesn't even have its own zip code?

    I knew it wasn't a real place.

  3.'s a real place. And for those who say they "Won't get married again until Hell freezes over...", the village performs free wedding ceremonies every 4 years on leap day.

    on 6/6/06, it was quite the happening place.